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I am a serious crafter and I enjoy what I do. Some times I craft a lot, some not.  It is something I plan to continue doing for a long, long time.  Hear that - it's my husbands groan.

I've only been crafting for 9 yrs but I continue to love to craft and love to have people enjoy my crafts.

  These days there are lots of us crafters, most very good and some not so good.  I've found that over the years, there are less and less buyers, more lookers, and many idea borrowers. I put up my website a couple of years ago but it has overgrown its britches, overflowing with projects and my little family website can't hold it all.   My husband calls me a pack rat....

I live near Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  I attend a lot of craft fairs in the fall but craft year round.  I am a member of the Frontenac Farmer's Market.  I am a mother of two teens, happily married and have a great career.  Crafting is my hobby, a very satisfying and enjoyable one, next to gardening.  Favorite dream - besides winning the lottery - is owning a small craft & gift store. 

But neither dream is a reality so I shall just treat this site as
my little store. 


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My Table
At the fair:

At work:
My space started out as a table - then became half a room.  In our new house I did not want a whole room.  I restricted myself to a table and all the space above and below.  Did I mention my table is 9 ft long.  It is narrow at 24 inches but everything is right there and my chair rolls unhampered along the length of it.  I keep a lot of my things packed and ready to go for the next craft fair.

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