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   11 Feb 2005
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Not everything in my portfolio is available for sale.  Many are just a sample of my work.

is a very personal and difficult thing to determine.  I very carefully try to make sure I am as fair as possible to myself and the customer. 
I try to include all factors of what it costs for me to create a piece.  I look at what other crafters are charging as well. 
But mostly stick to my scale so that my prices are consistent.

 I have seen others charge what I think are low prices on extremely beautiful pieces and others charging too much.  

I include PST  because, one, you should and ,two, I don't want to maintain a multitude of price lists.
I have an Ontario vendor licence #. 

All my prices are in CANADIAN funds and DO NOT INCLUDE shipping, postage or delivery charges.

I have no PAYMENT OPTIONS set up other than cash, cheque or money order at the present time.  


Please direct any craft related email to